Know. Will. Dare. Silent?

Being reborn in Chaos.

Welcome at the threshold of my temple.

I have actually been pondering for quite a long time about writing a blog on magick as there are plenty out there and they get more on a daily basis.

So why another one then?

Well, basically because I want to encourage others to dare and experiment with their workings. It is not enough to sit back in a cosy chair and read tons of books. Magic(k) is not something static that can be once learnt and then you’re done with it.

While you are reading these very lines things have already changed, principles have evolved. To me personally it seems like each and every practitioner who communes with the laws of the magical world creates his/her own current by the simple fact that every one of us is biologically unique. It is not possible (nor in my opinion advisable) to try to recreate magic others performed.

The only rituals that will ultimately work for you are your own. This doesn’t mean we don’t need to observe some basic rules, it’s just bending the rules in a way that ties into your True Will and personality. By this you become your very own magic. And this is probably the reason that we are constantly being reminded of taking responsibility for our workings. Because they are coherently tied to us so they always have some (side) effects coming back to us, no matter what the original target was.

My intention is to create my own system of magic(k) – respecting all those who worked ardently before me – but ultimately finding my own. This will be experimental, unique, heretic and probably sometimes messy.

So, who’s coming with me?


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