About me.

My name (yes, my real life one) is indeed Ursula. I have been working with magick for many years now, looking for answers.

I’m here to be a witness of my own magical development and of those of others. If only one person can use my experiences and thoughts to venture out and put theories to test then I did well.

I see myself in service of a community that keeps growing each and every day. I consider this community as my extended family. You don’t have to exactly love strange Uncle Stan or Aunt Maggie who usually makes questionable remarks at family gatherings. But all in all we get along because we share the belief that our material world is not the only one existing. Actually I had the privilege to experience that no matter how different our individual paths may be we can still communicate/commune in a respectful and fruitful way. 

This is why I started this blog. To be in service for the Great Work in ourselves. 

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